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Betting terms


General betting regulations of Betting as bookmaker in accordance with the Bookmakers Association

1. The following betting regulations apply to all betting contracts which expressly recognise the bettor upon conclusion of the contract.

2. On the one hand the bookmaker, Volltreffer Sportwetten GmbH, Schulstraße 4, 5071 Wals, or its vicarious agent and on the other hand the bettor are involved in every bet as contracting parties. An absolute ban on betting applies to children and young people. The betting event whose occurrence can be bet on will be determined by the bookmaker.

3. The bookmaker has announced these betting provisions or submitted them to the public authority in accordance with the provisions of the applicable state law.

4. The bettor declares

a) that he is at least 18 years old. The bookmaker or its vicarious agent is entitled to require proof of identification.

b) that he has no knowledge of the outcome of the event underlying the respective bet prior to contract conclusion, and

(c) that the means with which he funds his stake do not come from any unlawful activity and that he is free to dispose of them.

5. Claims for damages - unless they concern intent or gross negligence - of the customer against the bookmaker in particular because of delayed, defective, manipulated or improper data transmission are excluded. The same applies to claims for damages due to system failures. In principle the liability of the bookmaker is limited to the stake / amount or winnings not yet paid out, depending on whichever is the higher.

6. Liability of the bookmaker for transmission, input and/or analysis errors is excluded.

7. The bookmaker is entitled at any time to decline acceptance of bets without specifying reasons, to limit the amount of the stakes prior to acceptance of the bets and/or to change the odds before accepting the bets. It is likewise at their discretion to set binding odds and payout limits for the bettor.

8. The betting contract is concluded by acceptance of the bet. The bookmaker's records - specifically including the betting slip - are decisive for the interpretation of the contractual content. In the case of the issuance of a betting slip through the Terminal, the customer approves its accuracy through its uncontested receipt. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into account. The bookmaker is entitled to correct errors of typing, calculation, odds or other errors at any time - even after conclusion of the contract - also without fulfilment of the requirements of § 871 of the General Terms and Conditions Act (AGBG). The bookmaker's right of contestation of the contract due to error (§ 871 ABGB) shall remain unaffected. If it should turn out after the conclusion of the betting contract that the content of the betting contract - for whatever reason - is neither determined nor determinable, the bet is void and the stake shall be paid back.

9. A unilateral withdrawal of the bettor after completion of the betting contract is excluded.

10. The bookmaker assumes no liability for information from information services, neither for completeness, timeliness nor accuracy. All data in statistics are without guarantee. This also applies to intermediate results in live betting.

11. The customer is forbidden from placing bets on events in which he himself participates. *** Please check source text *** The bookmaker is in no way responsible for knowing whether the customer violates this provision. Therefore, the bookmaker is entitled to take the measures at any time after becoming aware of this.

12. In cases of suspicion of betting fraud or manipulation of games, the bookmaker is entitled to pass the data it has stored to authorities, sports federations or other third parties who are involved in the investigation of the suspicion or the manipulation. This also includes the information about the bets in question.

13. Once the bookmaker or his vicarious agent has issued a betting slip, winnings shall without exception only be paid out upon return of the original betting slip and presentation of the payout ticket (the payout ticket is issued from the same machine, from which the betting slip was issued). The bookmaker has no liability of any kind nor payment obligation for any loss or damage (destruction) of the betting slip and/or the payout ticket. It also has no obligation to check the entitlement of the betting slip holder.

14. If betting slips are not presented within a period of 90 days from the day following the completion of the betting event, the bettor's claim on the winnings thus expires. After receipt of a cash payout ticket, this ticket must be presented within 3 days from the date of issue, otherwise the bettor's claim for payment expires. Presentation and payment can only be made at the place of installation of the machine which issued the payout ticket. The bookmaker may however reserve the right to disburse the payout up to 45 days after the submission of the payout ticket. After receipt of a non-cash payout ticket, this ticket must be presented within 30 days from the date of issue, otherwise the bettor's claim on the credit expires. Redemption of the credit may only take place at the place of installation of the machine which issued the payout ticket. Without exception, no cancellation is possible on the betting Terminal.

Terms & Conditions

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